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Here we go again

by @ 17:24 on March 25, 2008. Filed under Weather.

The Winter That Won’t Die™ is taking aim at us here in the land of cheese and beer again. Yes, we dodged a bullet overnight, when it was a bit warmer than anticipated and the moisture for the most part missed the bunker and the measuring sticks at Mitchell, but the National Weather Service is calling for at least 6 inches of snow Thursday (note; the link is highly dynamic, and the forecast is valid at the time listed at the bottom of this post), with an unspecified higher amount near the lake. The bad news; the bunker and the measuring sticks are in the traditional lake-effect belt, and we only need 11.8 inches to bust the record. The ugly; it’s going to be another wet, heavy snow.

I suppose the good news, such as it is, is I’m seeing bare spots outside the bunker. Of course, that isn’t good news for those along rivers. Further (and actual) react is banished to Page 2 for the reason of excessive vulgarities.

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