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What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

by @ 16:41 on September 20, 2007. Filed under Lawsuit madness, Presstitute Follies.

Ed Driscoll, who has the title of the year (“The Blogosphere Full Employment Act Of 2007, Part Deux”), delves into the target-rich environment of Gunga Dan RaTHer’s lawsuit against CBS. While Ed focuses on the admission that RaTHer is Ted Baxter, let’s delve into another couple of paragraphs from the E! News story:

In the 32-page filing, Rather claims that (former CBS News president Andrew) Heyward pressed him to focus on the other stories he was working on at the time, such as Bill Clinton’s heart surgery and Hurricane Frances, rather than delve into the Bush story.

Rather, who along with Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw made up one of the most recognizable triumvirate of network news anchors in history, alleges that he served as little more than a glorified narrator for the Bush report and that it was CBS which forced him to issue a public apology on Sept. 20, 2004"””despite his own personal feelings that no public apology from him was warranted.”

If RaTHer was little more than a glorified narrator on his, Mary Richards’, and Murray Slaughter’s personal vendetta against President Bush, why shouldn’t Heyward get him to focus on other stories? Morever, since RaTHer is the public face of CBS News, it is proper that he deliver the apology. If he didn’t want to do it, the door swings out as well as in.

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