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August 7, 2010

We know that wherever Steve is on vacation, life is a ______________________.

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All Liza, all the time.

May 19, 2010

Testing, testing 1-2-3

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Okily Dokily I am ready for Steve to go fishing.

February 21, 2010

Ron Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll?

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And where was Steve Egg when all this went down?

My guess is he arranged a group outing to a Liza concert that skewed the vote.

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September 30, 2009

Wow, cool post Shoebox.

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Place your orders for the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute Calendar.  I wonder how many of those ladies have restraining orders  out against Steve?  (I kid because I love)

Can you imagine the liberal version?  Perhaps we should start with Helen Thomas?

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Oh well, on my site I like to have fun with quotes: movie quotes, random quotes, drinking quotes, famous quotes.  By the way, did you hear that the WTF is now the TFW?

While the Egg-Man is away I thought it might be fun to do Liza Random Quotes.

In Hollywood now when people die they don’t say, ‘Did he leave a will?’ but ‘Did he leave a diary?’

In other news taxpayers will fund abortions, Congress says gimme gimme, Chicago asks for the Audacity of Nope, Obama hands out another $5 billion we don’t have, and some old writings are coming to beer town.

September 29, 2009

Steve is gone.

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Steve threw open the Guest Blogger sign again.

He’s out in DC seeing the sites before AFP’s Defending The American Dream Summit

Of course we all know the truth.  Rumor has it the Smithsonian has opened a new Liza Minelli exhibit and the Egg-Man just had to be first in line.  We’ll keep the joint up to date in his absence.


June 5, 2009

Just Because he left me the keys (again)

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One of these entertainers is Steve’s favorite.

Can you guess which one?

Saturn is getting a new owner.

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From The Egg-Man’s perspective, it is an open wheel guy.

I mean if Jack Rousch had bought Saturn then we might have something good here.

I thought this might help Steve after his return from Canada.

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H/T Bitter

Elk Cuban Sammiches.  (Because Steve is killing stuff in Canada you know)

Today’s Outdoor Wire features recipes from the winners of the Alabama Wildlife Federation’s Wild Game Cook-Off. I don’t think it’s possible to express how jealous I am of the judges for that contest. I would do just about anything to get a seat on that panel. ANYTHING. (Srlsy, call me, Alabama folks. CALL ME.)

I figured this is the kind of audience that would appreciate the recipes, if for no other reason than to drool over them. Today I’ll feature the overall winner.

Elk Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban Bread:
Three-quarter teaspoon of yeast
One-third cup of warm (90-100 deg) water
One-third cup of all purpose flour
Dissolve yeast in water till foamy – 5 minutes, then add flour and store in the fridge for 1 day (or up to 3 days)

Four and a half teaspoons yeast (2 packets)
One and a half cups of warm water (90-100 deg)
Four tablespoons of lard – cut up (he used Crisco sticks for the cook off, but lard is better, of course)
One tablespoon sugar
One tablespoon sea salt
One-half batch of the Starter
Four to five cups of all purpose flour

Elk or Venison:

Take hind quarter roast and add dry rub of your preference and marinate overnight. Over hot fire, grill until medium rare or medium at the most. Slice thinly with a deli slicer if available.

Aran’s instructions for the bread follow: Dissolve the yeast in four table spoons of the water and leave for 5 minutes, then add sugar and salt. Add the cut lard, rest of the water and then the half batch of starter.

In his Kitchen Aid mixing bowl, he put on the dough hook attachment and start adding flour 1 cup at a time. On a setting of 4, I mix for 9 minutes. Add the flour until the dough firms up and is more clingy to the dough hook. The sides of the bowl should be clean. It usually takes almost 5 cups of flour.

Dump the dough out, clean the bowl and spray it with Pam. Then return the dough to the bowl, cover it and let it rise for 45 minutes. Lightly dust the clean counter with flour and lay the dough out.

“For the cook-off I made 200 small rolls,” Aran said. “Each batch made 30 rolls. I made a long log (2 foot) and cut 30 rolls out of it. Place 15 rolls on parchment paper, cover with parchment paper and a towel – Let it rise for an hour and fifteen minutes. Heat your oven to 350 degrees and cook for 18 minutes.

“For my family I make Cuban loaves, which you do the same way but divide the same dough into two equal loafs and let it rise for the same time. Before you bake it, soak two pieces of twine in water, lay one lengthwise on each loaf (end to end). After baking remove the twine and you will have a loaf worthy enough to sell on Calle Ocho in Miami.”

If you opt for the larger Cuban loaves, increase the oven time to 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

February 24, 2009

Steve is away working on his new KRM Proposal

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I though I would give you a preview….n1270217983_294743_5575

May 24, 2008

Steve’s gone fishin’

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Anyone have any bright ideas on how we can vandalize the place?  

I say we go all Liza, all the time.

November 8, 2007

Run Away

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Once again the Colby team runs up against the Debate teamin Fantasy Football this weekend.

Apparently Steve is so freaked out at my complete dominance over him that he ran away and left me the keys to his blog in complete fear.

I can’t wait for Sunday.

 Oh, and Scott Jensen got a new trial…

September 23, 2007

Packer Nation Returns.

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This week the Green Bay Packers won their 3rd consecutive game (all against teams that made the playoffs last year) today.

 This from the prognisticator Steve:   San Diego @ Green Bay (+6.5) – I’m going for broke here. You may like the points, you may want the points, and reputable bookies will give you the points (though most of them are only going to give you 5.5 to 6), BUT YOU’RE NOT GONNA NEED THEM! The receiving band is back together.

Steve, buddy.   I hate to break this to you and the rest of the naysayers, but the Packers are much better than you think they are.

August 12, 2007


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Revisions/extensions (5:02 pm 1/3/2008 – steveegg) – I don’t know how Curt got this post from Fred Dooley (who is also supporting Thompson) instead of my own Thompson endorsement, but as long as it’s on the list, I’ll take it)

 Fred, Fred, Fred: Thompson’s Challenge Has a Name
By Monica Hesse
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, August 12, 2007; D01

In the swampy soup of hopefuls for the 2008 presidential election, there is a man with a funny name. (No, not that one.)

We’re thinking of the one named Fred (Thompson).

Say it out loud. Do it. Fred. Fred. In the South, Fray-ud.


It has the tonal quality of something being dropped on the floor, something heavy and damp-ish.

Waterlogged paper towel.


The phonetics of the name seem integral to its image problem: On, a “Fred” is defined as “a person who does stupid, annoying, or idiotic things” (Fred Flintstone, Fred Mertz). The best-case descriptors a Fred can hope for are terms like well-intentioned, predictable, benign (Fred Rogers).

There has never before been a major presidential candidate named Fred. There were two Alfreds, in 1928 and 1936. But Alfred, being all British and Batman-y, is not the same.

Then, out of almost nowhere, came Thompson, who is transcending the notion of Fred.

Some of the regular readers on No Runny Eggs may not know my name is not actually Real Debate, it is Fred.   The Washington Post can kiss my fanny.

Fred is a fine name, worthy of Presidential stature.   Ever heard of Frederick the Great?    How about the brilliant Fred Astaire?    Fred Savage, come on now, The Wonder Years.    

Need I say Frederick Mellinger, inventer of the pushup bra and founder of Fredericks of Hollywood?  

What of sausage genius Fred Usinger, or beer pioneer Frederick Pabst?  

 Need I remind you of Fred Jones?   Come on he drove The Mystery Machine for cryin’ out loud.

Frederick Banting   co-discovered insulin and won a nobel prize!

 How about some Fred’s of Royalty?

  • Frederick I, Duke of Austria (Babenberg), Duke of Austria from 1195-1198
  • Frederick II, Duke of Austria (1219-1246), last Duke of Austria from the Babenberg dynasty
  • Frederick I of Austria (Habsburg) (1286-1330), Duke of Austria and King of the Romans
  • Frederick III, Elector of Saxony
  • Frederick I of Denmark (1471-1533), King of Denmark and Norway
  • Frederick II of Denmark (1534-1588), King of Denmark and Norway
  • Frederick III of Denmark (1609-1670), King of Denmark and Norway
  • Frederick IV of Denmark (1671-1730), King of Denmark and Norway
  • Frederick V of Denmark (1723-1766), King of Denmark and Norway
  • Frederick VI of Denmark (1768-1839), King of Denmark and Norway
  • Frederick VII of Denmark (, King of Denmark
  • Frederick IX of Denmark (1899-1972), King of Denmark
  • Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark (1968-), Crown Prince of Denmark
  • Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor (1125-1190), king & emperor
  • Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (1196-1250), king & emperor
  • Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor (1415-1493), German ruler
  • Frederick IV, Elector Palatine (1574-1610), German aristocrat
  • Frederick V, Elector Palatine (1619-1620), Bohemian aristocrat
  • Frederick II, Elector of Brandenburg (1413-1470), margrave of Brandenburg
  • Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg (1620-1688), Duke of Prussia
  • Frederick I of Prussia (1657-1713), Elector of Brandenburg
  • Frederick II of Prussia (1712-1786), King of Prussia, Frederick the Great
  • Frederick William I of Prussia (1688-1740), King of Prussia
  • Frederick William II of Prussia (1744-1797), King of Prussia
  • Frederick William III of Prussia (1770-1840), King of Prussia
  • Frederick William IV of Prussia (1795-1861), King of Prussia
  • Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751), the eldest son of King George II
  • Frederick Augustus I of Saxony (1750-1827), Elector and King of Saxony
  • Frederick Augustus II of Saxony (1797-1854), King of Saxony
  • Frederick Augustus III of Saxony (1865-1932), King of Saxony
  • Frederick I of Sweden (1676-1751), King of Sweden
  • Frederick I of Württemberg (1754-1816), Duke, Elector, and King of Württemberg
  • Frederick, Archbishop of Tyre (died 1173), the sixth Latin archbishop of Tyre
  • Frederick III, German Emperor (1831-1888), German Emperor
  • I think I have made my case.

    Fred for President is a fine idea.   He looks  quite Presidential doesn’t he?

    Fred Thompson

    August 8, 2007

    Two post Bonds thoughts.

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    In the wake of Mr Steroid hitting his 756th home run two reactions stand out…

    Bud Selig missed the game to go to a meeting with George Mitchell about steroids in baseball.   Classic.

    I thought by doing a prepared video Hank Aaron showed the ultimate amount of class.   To me that gesture said I am man enough to congratulate you, but by not being there in person I do not acknowledge you.   Aaron has always been a class act.

    To those who wish to apply race into this.   No one did not want Bonds to set this record because he is black.   People dislike him because he is a cheater and more than anything just because he is  a monumental jerk.

    August 7, 2007

    Testing 1-2-3

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    This is a test of the Steve is almost on vacation blogger fill-in system.

    If this were an actual vacation emergency this post might  have been filled with some useless bit of information or a provocative thought to ponder.

     In the event of an actual vacation hopefully a suitable replacement will be found.

     We  will now  return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

    This was only a test.

    April 19, 2007

    John McCain’s American Idol Audition.

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    April 18, 2007

    Please do not stare at the monkeys…

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    What do you think this is a zoo or something?

    Where is Steve really??????

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    A SPANKOMETER, an orgasm tunnel and a giant wall of willies – roll up, roll up, for the world’s first-ever ‘sex theme park’, opening today in London. The adults-only Amora Academy of Sex and Relationships is an all-singing, all-dancing look at getting your leg over – and the rest.

    It’s not quite Disney with dildos, but more The Tate Modern on Viagra.

    It’s packed with  state-of-the-art,  interactive attractions, including a stripping  masterclass,  a voyeur’s peep wall and a video display about the ins and outs of oral sex.

    Couples romp on screens all around you, in all sorts of scenarios – in flats, in threes and in cars.

     Read the rest….

    April 15, 2007


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    Watching the Brewer game I have mixed emotions on seeing every player wearing 42.

     A fastball from 42, number 42 slams it over the head of number 42 for a 3 run home run.

     Well looks like # 42 has a 1 one run lead now.   42 to 42 to put out 42.

     I’m all for Jackie Robinson day but why don’t we put a patch on the uniform?

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