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The Family Leader “Thanksgiving Family Forum” (or the Not Romney Debate) drunkblog

by @ 15:18 on November 19, 2011. Filed under 2012 Presidential Contest.

Today’s sponsor, The Family Leader, is starting this one a bit early at 4 pm Central. Since there’s no TV coverage, CitizenLink was kind enough to provide a webcast (embedded below for your convenience). As always, we’ll be using CoverItLive, so you don’t have to refresh anything to keep up, and also so you don’t have to reload the embed.

Neither of the Mormons will be part of this one; Romney because he declined, Huntsman because he wasn’t invited. Newt Gingrich has become this week’s Not-Romney flavor, mostly because of his performances in these debates. Let’s see if one of the other also-rans can rise to claim the mantle of Next-In-Line™ for the 2016 campaign (assuming, of course, the absent Next-In-Line™ doesn’t win in just under a year).

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