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Tech notes – September 2011 edition

by @ 14:00 on September 4, 2011. Filed under The Blog.

There’s a couple of them:

– If you’re using Internet Explorer 9, you’ll notice the Twitter widgets are inoperative. That is a Twitter fuck-up; they changed something in the serving Javascript without checking to see if it worked in IE9. While they have the bug fixed as it relates to the actual Twitter service, they won’t be fixing the widgets until Monday at the earliest. Sorry about that; in the interim, you can follow Shoebox here and me here (or you could use another browser).

– For those blogs that still have the dead-10-months-ago blogrolls on them, some enterprising cybersquatter bought the domain and started forcing a page change to a spammish ad page through the Javascript that used to serve the blogrolls. If you still have one of those widgets on there, GET IT OFF YOUR BLOG!

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