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The BBA State Fair Get Together is back – Sunday, 1 pm (or so), The Micro – Bumped

by @ 23:24 on August 13, 2011. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Perhaps the best part of the late, great Badger Blog Alliance was the get-togethers the gang had at Benno’s Microbrew Tent at the Wisconsin State Fair. Much like the BBA itself, and frankly, the posts here while I was (mostly unsuccessfully) hunting walleye the past week, it sort of faded away. That fade was a shame because while Drinking Right is great, not everybody (cough…Wiggy…cough…Owen…cough…) can make it out on a Tuesday night.

Thankfully, Kevin Binversie is back in the land of cheese and beer full-time, and wanted to get the gang back together. The father of the BBA, Jib, has given his blessing, so it’s back.

The 2011 BBA State Fair Get Together is set for Sunday, August 14, around 1 pm at The Micro (or for those of you who haven’t been there yet this year, what was Benno’s Microbrew Tent). If memory serves, it’s at Second Street and Central Avenue It’s right behind Benno’s on Central, so you can look for that, the Cousin’s Ampitheater sign, or Benno’s Micro Alley (the extension of First Street, which is at the north end of the cream puff building), conveniently near the New Berlin Lions Corn and the Super Slide. It’s the State Fair, so bring the family.

See you there.

Revisions/extensions (11:24 pm 8/13/2011) – Gave a better location after some recon, and bumped the post up to the top (originally posted at 8:42 am 8/10/2011).

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