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PLO – We won’t accept a Jewish state

by @ 8:42 on August 29, 2011. Filed under International relations.

(H/T – Memeorandum)

Ynetnews is reporting that Palestinian Liberation Organizati…er, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas will not recognize a Jewish nation even as he presses forward with UN recognition of a Palestinian nation. The relatively-good news is that the US isn’t backing that effort (though, like all statements from Obama, it is subject to an expiration date).

The pieces are starting to fall together for the next Arab-Israel war, as Egypt slides into Islamic fundamentalism (latest example – the Muslim Brotherhood has ordered the Israeli ambassador to Egypt to leave or die) and the threat to Egypt from the west, a Gaddafi-led Libya, is neutralized. The only question is whether Syria will end up being an anvil or the second pincer in that attempt.

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