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RightOnline – June 17-18 – Be there!

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Revisions/extensions (7:12 pm 6/6/2011) – Bumped to the top with some more registration options specific to Wisconsin. This was originally posted 5/18 at 3:57 pm.

For the fourth year in a row, Americans for Prosperity will be holding its RightOnline Conference at the same time and city as NetRoots Nation, the big lefty online gathering. This time, we’ll be at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 17 and June 18.

Since the national media will be there to cover both events, we can’t let them give a false impression that all the energy is on the left side of the ‘net. It’s a short drive from just about anywhere in Wisconsin. Come on out and join people like Michelle Malkin, Rep. Michele Bachmann, S.E. Cupp, Erick Erickson, John Fund, Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham, Ed Morrissey, and a host of others.

There will also be workshops and panels hosted by experts in their respective fields. The areas of focus will include Online Activism 101, Advanced Online Activism, Tools and Resources, Investigative Reporting/Citizen Journalism, Public Policy Issues, and Grassroots Activism.

Since I’ll be there live-blogging for the third consecutive year, AFP decided to give you the readers of this blog a 25% discount. Just use the promo code fightback when you register, and you will get a 25% discount on the ticket. The promo is good up until June 17, though I can’t guarantee how long the 2-for-1 registration deal (which also is eligible for the discount) will last.

Revisions/extensions (cont.) – While the 2-for-1 deal and the blog-reader discount are still good as of today, the early-registration price of $99 (discounted to $74.25) is gone. That’s been jacked up to a regular price of $119, or a discounted price of $89.25 (or $89.24 for 2 due to rounding). If you can bring a second person up, that makes the registration cost $44.62 per person. Where else do you get 2 days of activism along with two confirmed (Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain) and one likely (Michele Bachmann) Presidential candidates?

However, AFP-WI has a nice deal for you – big discounts on the double-occupancy and quad-occupancy bus trips, departing early Friday from Kenosha (4 am), Racine (4:30 am), Milwaukee (5:30 am), Waukesha (6:15 am), Green Bay (5:30 am) and Wausau (7:30 am), complete with a Friday-night stay in Minneapolis in either a double-occupancy or a quad-occupancy room. For the double-occupancy rate of $79 per person, enter DoubleBus as the promo code on the bus package registration page, and for the quad-occupancy rate of $49 per person, enter QuadBus as the promo code on the bus package registration page.

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