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Australian military to hold yard sale

by @ 11:58 on June 29, 2011. Filed under Military.

(H/T – Darren Buckley, an old ‘Pooner friend from Down Under)

I almost termed this a “fire sale” as over the next 10 years the Australian Defence Force will be shedding 10% of Australia’s non-financial assets, but the Australian Associated Press notes that the Australian Defence Force is in the middle of a major overhaul of its military. Indeed, Defence Materiel Minister Jason Clare said that, over the next 15 years, 85% of the armed forces’ armaments will be replaced or upgraded.

Known to be on the block are the four Adelaide-class guided-missile frigates, which are “slightly”-modified Perry-class frigates, as well as a bunch of combat aircraft, armored vehicles, other vehicles, and assorted armaments. I know the FFGs will fit in the St. Lawrence Seaway as Perry-class FFGs (really, FFs now that they don’t have the Mk-13 launcher), so I can keep it on Lake Michigan. If only I had a tip jar, I couldd have the most kick-ass fishing boat in Wisconsin.

Seriously, Claire pointed out that, since 1997, Great Britain and Australia disposed of roughly the same amount and type of military equipment. While Great Britain netted about AUS$1 billion by being aggressive on selling rather than scrapping, Australia spent about AUS$20 million.

Perhaps I should wait until the coming Great American Military Fire Sale to pay not for the modernization of our military but for the Communization of the country. Of course, given much of the debt is held by Red China, they’ll probably demand and receive first dibs on all the good stuff.

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