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Archive for April 11th, 2011

Tipping the hand of the largest post-election theft in modern history

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WisPolitics reports that the Waukesha Democrat Party vice-chair, and Democrat representative on Waukesha County’s canvassing board, Ramona Kitzinger has retracted her statement from Friday saying the canvass in which the city of Brookfield votes were re-added to the unofficial total reported Tuesday was correct. All that is needed now to steal an election that was “won” by an order of magnitude larger than any previously stolen election since Reconstruction is a complicit Lawgiver-In-Black.

Revisions/extensions (5:12 pm 4/11/2011) – WisPolitics reports that, while the GAB investigation into what happened last week in Waukesha County continues, the final canvass numbers from the city of Brookfield matches what was reported by the city clerk on Tuesday.

With 71 of 72 counties canvassed…

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In case you missed the big news of Thursday, Waukesha County clerk Kathy Nickolaus forgot to save the vote totals from the city of Brookfield on Tuesday night, turning what looked to be a razor-thin Joanne Kloppenburg margin into one favoring David Prosser by almost the margin-of-“free”-recount. WisPolilitics reports that, with just Milwaukee County to complete its canvass of the votes (and four three, with Kenosha now posted other counties yet to have the canvassed results posted to the GAB site), Prosser has a 7,304-vote lead.

James Wigderson and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board don’t often agree, but they agree that given the current margin, a recount would be a waste of time and money. Of course, since a recount is the only gateway to get it into a court with a reserve judge appointed by Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson (side note; did Loophole Louis Butler remember to file to become a reserve judge after he was tossed from the Supreme Court), I don’t think Kloppenburg will go as quietly into the good night as her campaign’s private canvass of Waukesha County.

Distilling the Republican “Big Three”

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One of Jim Geraghty’s readers beat me to this observation – “Tim Pawlenty is the Huck/Mitt love child — a telegenic blue state governor with a populist tone.”

Insert your own inappropriate punchline here…

It’s becoming a pattern, federal edition

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The first two big battles of 2011 in Wisconsin both involved big contributors to the Democrat Party (a successful attempt to limit both product and medical malpractice liability, thus reducing the paydays of lawyers, and an attempt to limit the mandatory union dues for public workers that is still stuck in the courts). Taking a page from the Wisconsin Democrats, Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama successfully threatened to shut down federal government unless Planned Barrenhoo…er, Parenthood, which contributed over $1 million to Democrats the last election cycle, continued to receive federal funding.

Yep, it’s all about the money (oh, and forcing a minority, highly-divisive social agenda down the throats of the country).

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