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“Shut up!”, they explained, MATC edition

by @ 10:33 on March 11, 2011. Filed under Politics - Milwaukee County.

Charlie Sykes got a hold of an e-mail circulated through MATC’s e-mail system calling for the boycott of the Shorewood Sendik’s because the owner committed the unforgivable crime of supporting Jeff Stone for Milwaukee County Executive. Below is the e-mail, complete with headers showing the misuse of MATC’s system for political purposes and multiple errors in grammar and spelling:

From: David Weingrod
To: Timothy Decker ; Charlie Dee ; John Eimes ; Amy Goldwater ; !Local-212-Full-Time-Faculty !Local-212-Full-Time-Faculty < !>; !Local-212-Full-Time-Paraprofessionals !Local-212-Full-Time-Paraprofessionals < !>; !Local-212-Part-Time-Faculty !Local-212-Part-Time-Faculty < !>; !Local-212-Part-Time-Paraprofessionals !Local-212-Part-Time-Paraprofessionals < !>; !Local-587-Full-Time !Local-587-Full-Time < !>; !Local-587-Part-Time !Local-587-Part-Time < !>; !Local-715-Full-Time !Local-715-Full-Time < !>; !Local-715-Part-Time !Local-715-Part-Time < !>; Richard Lokken ; Kevin Mulvenna ; Janet Nortrom ; Craig Smallish
Subject: Re: URGENT: Boycott Sendiks in Shorewood
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 07:28:47 -0600

Many of us live near or shop at the Sendiks in Shorewood and were told that Nehring was not giving funds to union busters, unlike the other Sendik owners, Balistreris. Please go to the Shorewood manager this weekend and tell him he needs to tell John Nehring that he either pulls his support from Jeff Stone or we will have a serious boycott of Shorewood. Tell him you shop ther but no longer unless he pulls his support–publically. Monday, there will be a protest in front of 2300 E. Kensington in Shorewood where. The fundraiser for Stone starts at 5:30 or please plan to be there by 5:00. More details to follow.

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