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Snowpocalypse Now

by @ 13:13 on February 2, 2011. Filed under Miscellaneous, Weather.

Let’s see…

  • 14.5 inches of snow at the airport (a bit northeast of the bunker) as of 6 am.
  • Over an hour to just clear the area immediately in front of the garage and between the top of the hill and the street, complete with 5-foot drifts at the deepest on either end. Somehow, the part of the driveway alongside the house (and the back walk) was clear.
  • Another hour-plus to do the sidewalk and clean off the end of the driveway after the city plow went through (a packed 5-foot drift on the sidewalk just to the east of the driveway, and a “natural” 5-foot drift at the west end of the sidewalk.
  • Speaking of plows, the 9 am run whacked the mailbox (oops).

Still, I consider myself lucky. Things got even worse the further south one got. I-94 and I-43 were both shut down south of Milwaukee for quite a while as the 2-feet-of-snow mark stretched up to Racine.

I do have a serious public-service announcement or two as we deal with it with the usual Wisconsin speed:

  • If you have a high-efficiency furnace/water heater/dryer, make sure the vents are clear.
  • Don’t tackle it all at once; we don’t need you dying of a heart attack.

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