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Baker’s Dozen post-mortem

by @ 22:34 on February 6, 2011. Filed under Sports.

First things first, congrats to the Mighty Green Bay Packers on their record-extending 13th NFL championship.

That was a microcosm of the season – lose key players (Charles Woodson and Donald Driver for the entire second half, Sam Shields for much of the second half, and Nick Collins to complete the defensive trifecta just before the end of the first half), not have a running game until very late, have dog-ass special (ed) teams, and still win, baby. That was sweet.

Now, I bet you’re wondering how this inveterate gambler did (or how I would have done had I been stupid enough to put money down). In a word, outside of the big play of Pack -3 and the minor Pack by 4-6, I would have blown chunks the size of Texas. The overs ruled the day, the Packers led at the half, and there wasn’t a score in the first 7:30.

Did I mention Baker’s Dozen?

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