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Coming in January – the 2010 NRE Awards

by @ 12:07 on December 19, 2010. Filed under NRE Awards.

If we’re closing in on Christmas, we’re closing in on the 2010 NRE Awards. Unless somebody comes up with a new category or two, we’re going to go with the same schedule as last year, with the first nominees coming out on January 1, to allow for the fact that some things can happen all the way up until midnight.

The full tentative schedule is:

Jackass of the Year – January 1
Thank You for Existing – January 2
Dumbest Thing Said – January 3
News Story of the Year – January 4
Person of the Year – January 5

If we add to this, at a minimum the Person of the Year will be pushed back so it is the crown jewel. We haven’t yet decided on whether we’ll also do a “decade” award series, partly because this place wasn’t around in 2001.

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