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Twitter gets results, NFL edition

by @ 12:55 on October 5, 2010. Filed under Politics - National, Sports.

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes posted on Twitter that the latest Russ Feingold ad (note; I have not seen the ad, mostly because I don’t watch a whole lot of television) used footage from a Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings game, and brought it to the attention of NFL officials, including league spokesman Greg Aiello, specifically asking whether the footage in question was licensed by the campaign. Aiello, on his Twitter account, said, “No. We did not license the footage and have contacted the Senator’s campaign about removing it.”

The full Weekly Standard story describes the footage in question, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel embedded a YouTube version of the ad (at least while YouTube still has it up; I suspect the NFL will issue a takedown notice momentarily).

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