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Bleg time – I need a new logo

by @ 7:09 on September 10, 2010. Filed under The Blog.

The header of this humble little blog was one of those featured on the welcoming sign at a meet-and-greet between bloggers and House Republican media staffers yesterday, and something seems to be lacking in the visual presentation department. Back when I was merely trying not to be Mt. Vesuvius, the lack of a real logo wasn’t at all a deal. Now that some people are starting to notice this little hole in the wall, Plain Jane just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The problem is, I’m a techie, not an artist. The other is this place isn’t exactly a money-maker (notice the lack of ads or even a tip jar), so I can’t exactly go out and buy the best logo money can buy. Hence, the bleg. HELP!!!

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