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Milwaukee Dems growing more Astroturf than Textile Management Associates

by @ 13:01 on April 2, 2010. Filed under Politics - Milwaukee County.

Charlie Sykes found this gem of an “initiative” from the Milwaukee County Dems:

As of this month, the Dem Party’s Communications Committee is kicking off two media initiatives that could have a powerful effect on our success in the upcoming elections, from the local level all the way to the Governor’s office and the U.S. Senate: a Radio Monitoring Team and a Rapid Messaging Team.

The Radio Monitoring Team will be charged with listening to Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner, the trifecta of radical right wing radio in Milwaukee. Each team member will take several listening shifts each week, and will make a brief report on each broadcast. We don’t expect you to call in to these shows. You’ll simply listen and report back so that we and our candidates can stay on top of the latest right wing talking points. Since the times of these shows range from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays, this would be an ideal activity for students, retirees, third shift workers and people who are able to make their own schedules.

The Rapid Messaging Team, on the other hand, will be charged with writing letters to the editor and posting online comments that support our Democratic values and candidates. Again, we’re not asking you to call in to radio stations — you’ll simply write a short letter or comment whenever you get an action alert from the Communications Committee. We’ll give you the topic and we’ll tell you where to submit it.

Please consider joining one or both of these action teams. Your service in defense of Democratic values is needed and appreciated. Please email Dave at (redacted e-mail) if you’d like to join, or if you have any questions. Or call DPMC headquarters at (redacted phone number) and leave a message.

A couple comments:

  • It seems they don’t trust their minions to actually get into a real-time debate. Given that, how can they trust those same minions to actually report on what Charlie, Jeff and Mark say? Wouldn’t grabbing the podcasts, all of which can be done automatically through iTunes, be easier?
  • I’m surprised they’re not explicitly offering to write the comments for the minions. Of course, I expect that instructions on what to say will be part of the Call to Two Minutes’ Hate.

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