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Quote of the day – PlaceboCare edition

by @ 7:15 on March 23, 2010. Filed under Politics - National.

The Godfather of the Badger Blog Alliance, Jib, broke his near-silence with this gem on the passage of PlaceboCare:

I’m not happy and I don’t have much to say except for this:

Dear President Bush,

If you are destined for low approval ratings, this is how you spend political capital. Wish you would have spent yours more wisely.


Point of order – outside the 2003 tax cuts (and a couple elements of the 2001 edition), the War on Terror, and the aborted attempt to reform Social Security, governing from the Left is pretty much how Bush spent his political capital – from the 2001 stimulus checks (repeated in 2008) to Medicare Part D, from No Child Left Behind to the 2008 stimulus checks, from the pre-TARP bailouts of certain well-connected Wall Street firms to TARP itself (and the attendant bailout of GM and Chrysler, which ultimately begat Government Motors and UAW Motors).

One item – because of a problem with Jib’s template, you have to head to his blog’s home page to comment.

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