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Latest Thompson rumor – 75% there, final decision Easter week

by @ 7:04 on March 24, 2010. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

The Weekly Standard‘s Stephen Hayes posted a pair of Tweets that strongly suggest that Tommy Thompson will in fact announce he’s running for the Republican nomination for US Senate to run against Russ Feingold, and that decision will come sooner rather than later:

Tommy Thompson doing what a candidate-to-be does prepping to run for Sen. Quit a corp board Friday. Final dec on vacation over Easter w/fam.

Those talking to Thompson generally believe he’ll run, seems gen interested in being a senator. One source says he’s 75 percent there.

Revisions/extensions (7:15 am 3/24/2010) – And the story has hit The Weekly Standard blog. Two items from the story:

  • That corporate board of directors Thompson resigned from is CNS Response, Inc., a health-care data company. That was more of a sideways move, as Thompson agreed to become chairman of its advisory board.
  • The latest Democrat-affiliated Public Policy Poll had Thompson down 3 to Feingold 47%-44%, a significant improvement over its previous poll in November (50%-41%). Meanwhile, Rasmussen recently had Thompson up 47%-45% (a narrowing of a prior lead), WPRI recently had Thompson up 51%-39%, and a GOP internal poll had Thompson up by 5 points.

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