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NRE 2009 Awards – News Story of the Year

by @ 5:00 on January 4, 2010. Filed under NRE 2009 Awards.

Welcome to Day 4 of the NRE 2009 Awards. Today, we focus on the biggest news story of the past year. As a review/preview, here’s the rest of the schedule:

Jackass of the Year, 1/1
Thank You for Existing, 1/2
Dumbest Thing Said, yesterday
– Person of the Year, tomorrow

And the nominees are…

Tea Party protesters rise up, Democrats double down (from steveegg) – It would be infinitely easier to focus on one half or the other, but it has been a year-long test of wills between those who generally like a small government and free enterprise and those who generally liked the Soviet Union. The first exchange came in February, when, even before Rick Santelli made his famous call for a little Tea Party on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago on July 4 on CNBC, grass-roots protests rose up against the prospect of Porkulus. It’s been an episode of escalation since, as every refusal to listen to the public by the Commun…er, Democrats has led not to the usual descent into disillusionment, but to ever-louder calls for small government and free enterprise.

Honorary mention goes to the demise of the daily home-delivered newspaper in Detroit, as Gannett Newspapers, owner of the Detroit Free Press and operator of the Detroit News, dropped the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday editions of their home-delivered products.

Climategate (from RealDebate) – Actual data that is hurtful to global warming claims are hidden, people with opposing views are shunned and ignored, those who are propagating this sham are making billions on it. The biggest crime of the news event of the year is that the US new media isn’t covering it yet.

The ACORN Stings (from Shoebox) – Simple and effective.  Has there ever been a story so completely ignored by the major media that had such a significant response by Congress?

George W. Bush is no longer the President (silent E) This is the story that the left so eagerly reported on, and leading up to, January 20th of 2009 but seemingly was forgotten shortly afterwards by news outlets and the Obama Administration.

Rep. Joe Wilson shouting “YOU LIE” to president Obama during a speach to a joint session of Congress (silent E) No truer words have ever been spoken in that room….. The look on Nancy’s face was priceless.

The administration’s attempt to turn the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) into a propaganda arm for Obama policies (from Phineas) – Big Hollywood covered this pretty thoroughly and FOX mentioned it in its list of news stories the MSM missed,  but that’s it. Yet the attempt of the Obama White House to turn the non-partisan NEA and the artists it supports into a megaphone for its policy preferences should worry anyone who thinks about it.

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