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I Guess This is the end of the Post Racial Presidency!

by @ 13:20 on July 29, 2009. Filed under Obama worship, Politics - National.

A part of the Barack Obama campaign schtick was that by electing him, a black individual, the country would heal and move beyond racial divides.  It appears there are a couple of problems with that notion.

First, for the country to move beyond a racial divide by electing Obama, one would have to believe that there is a racial divide to be moved beyond.  Second, one would have to believe that Obama himself had moved beyond it and would be able to show others the way.  Based on recent polling by Rasmussen Reports, at least the second proposition appears to not be believed by the American public.

While Rasumussen Reports says that 69% of people polled believe that the American society is fair and consistent across races, a plurality of 49% believe that President Obama views America as unfair and discriminatory.  Of note is that this is the first time since Rasmussen has polled the question that more respondents noted Obama with this view.  Also of note, the most recent poll was taken on the heels of Obama’s comment saying the Cambridge police acted stupidly with regards to Henry Gates.

You can see the video of Rasmussen’s findings on this poll here:  Rasmussen Morning Update

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