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Revisiting Boomgaard

by @ 16:37 on May 5, 2008. Filed under Politics - Oak Creek.

A commenter over on Greg Kowalski’s post on the alternatives to Boomgaard went and did some research on “Boomgaard”. Somehow, I doubt that this name would have flown had either the steering committee or either Common Council had known what Unfettered Candor found out:

It’s too bad I did not get an email reply from my Dutch friend from

Amsterdam before the public comment site for the Boomgaard District expired.

Several days ago I mentioned the crazy Boomgaard controversy and how there was such a public outcry in opposition to this title.

Today I learned that there is a district in Amsterdam that has been dubbed the "Boomgaard District" as well. It is a homosexual red light district. He said the title "Boomgaard" [fruit orchard] was a lampoon of that area….

Given that the stretch is pretty much bracketed by a sex toy shop and a strip club with a few not-exactly-4-star motels in between (necessitating special attention from both the Oak Creek and Franlkin police departments), I guess that puts another spin on the name.

Do go read Fred Keller’s further comments.

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