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It’s local election season – Oak Creek’s 2nd Aldermanic seat is open

by @ 17:19 on December 6, 2007. Filed under Politics - Oak Creek.

I probably should’ve had something up before now, but I’ve been a wee bit lax in getting local stuff up. Here’s what’s up for election in Oak Creek in the spring 2008 election cycle:

– 2nd Aldermanic District (incumbent Al Foeckler – not running)
– 4th Aldermanic District (incumbent Michael Toman)
– 6th Aldermanic District (incumbent Tom Michalski)
– City clerk (incumbent Beverly Buretta)
– City treasurer (incumbent Barbara Guckenberger)
– Municipal judge (incumbent Alice Rudebusch)
– One Oak Creek-Franklin School District seat (incumbent Sheryl Cerniglia)

Oak Creek Now points out that candidacy papers are due by 5 pm January 2, and notice of non-candidacy by the incumbents are due by 5 pm December 21.

The word is Al Foeckler announced Tuesday that he is not running for re-election. That leaves an opportunity for interested citizens. Even though I just moved back to the 2nd, I do not anticipate following in the footsteps of Fred Dooley and Kathy Carpenter, but I will offer the following bits of advice for potential candidates (culled from the still-in-business State Elections Board):

– Read the Campaign Finance and Bookkeeping Manual, even if you do not intend to raise or spend more than $1,000 or receive more than $100 from anybody other than yourself in a calendar year.
– File a completed Campaign Registration Statement with the city clerk the moment you decide to run, before you either start raising/spending funds or start circulating nomination papers, and before 5 pm January 2.
– Collect at least 20 signatures on the Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office form and have them into the city clerk’s office before 5 pm January 2.
– File a completed Declaration of Candidacy with the city clerk no later than 5 pm January 2.

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