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Design ads, get kicked off Google – update – $oro$ loses

by @ 10:40 on October 11, 2007. Filed under Compassionate Lieberals.

(Major H/T – Michelle Malkin)

Lane Dutson, president of Maine Coast Designs, a firm working on Sen. Susan Collins’ re-election, tried to put up several ads that seek to rally Collins’ supporters against up through Google AdWords. He got summarily rejected, and the money quotes are in an IM exchange he had with a Google employee.

Collins isn’t exactly a Pubbie (I’d put her somewhere between RINO and RepubicRAT), but the fact that $oro$ and company have even her targeted tells me everything I need to know about the current state of DhimmiRAT politics; they won’t leave any opposition unstifled.

Just as a reminder, Google owns Blogger, so my guess is you guys are next. As an aside, since they also own FeedBurner, I’m now looking at alternate ways to monitor my feed traffic.

Revisions/extensions (5:30 pm 10/15/2007) – Guess $oro$ isn’t all-powerful after all (once again, Michelle has the details).

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