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If it’s over 2 inches of rain…

by @ 9:14 on August 20, 2007. Filed under MMSD - The Crap People.

…(but mostly under 4), it’s time for MMSD to spew crap out into the lake. A combined sewer dump from the just-over-half-full Deep Tunnel been going on since 5:13 am this morning. All three major rivers have been contaminated (again) through most of their run inside the city. There’s two dumpings directly into Lake Michigan at S. Lincoln Memorial and E. Bay, and at S. Lincoln Memorial and E. Russell (I do not know whether this is part of the Deep Tunnel dump).

Tell me again why we had to build the not-Deep-enough Tunnel instead of separating downtown Milwaukee’s sewers. Tell me again why we should put everything not handled directly by a municipality at the whim of an MMSD-style board dominated by the city of Milwaukee.

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