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Can we sue the lawyers, CAIR and the DhimmiRATs when the next successful terrorist attack takes place?

by @ 8:00 on July 20, 2007. Filed under Lawsuit madness, Politics - National, War on Terror.

Revisions/extensions (10:55 am 7/20/2007) – It was (as likely as I can determine) Justin Higgins at Right on the Right that created the graphic. Sorry about not passing along proper credit earlier.

(H/T – Michelle)

The Dhimms, including Wisconsin’s twin embarrassments, Russ el-Slimeroad (Moonbat-Al Qaeda) and Nobody’s Senator, Herb Kohl, as well as Dhimm Presidential candidates Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, voted to kill protections for John Does mere hours after the House killed it. The John Doe amendment was intended to protect those that report suspicious behavior from lawsuits such as the one filed by the infamous Flying Imams. In “honor” of this, CDR Salamander has created a new PSA poster


I have a message for them – I am STILL John Doe, and if your minions decide to pull any shit in my presence, I won’t just be informing on them and waiting for the police to do something.

Revisions/extensions part 2 (11:22 am 7/20/2007) – WisCon, commenting on Michelle’s thread, has el-Slimeroad’s initial statement on his support of the Islamokazis and lawyers:

From Russ Feingold’s office:

"The bill is too ambiguous and too complex blah blah blah."

So that’s why he voted against it, because it’s too complex?

"He is preparing a statement right now and I can send it to you."

I put in a request to WisCon to get a copy if he does.

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