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You wouldn’t know this one from the media

by @ 12:25 on June 15, 2007. Filed under Law and order, Politics - Wisconsin.

But you would from somebody like Jessica McBride. She’s not letting her tombstoning from the radio stop her from digging for the real story. You didn’t read this in the local paint-catcher’s lionization of one Kimberly Prude, but the unanimous 7th Circuit decision upholding her conviction on charges of voting in the 2004 fall general election while under state supervision for a felony found that she knew from multiple sources that she could not vote while still on probation, including signs at the polls that informed felons still under state supervision they could not vote.

One of the things that came out in the original trial was that she was working the polls that election, and that she engaged in activities that were less than above-board. Why did I have to wait for the decision to find that one out? Oh, and one more question (also asked by Jessica); why in the hell was she working the polls?

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