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Thank you, Jim DeMint

by @ 8:20 on June 8, 2007. Filed under Immigration, Politics - National.

(H/T – Ace)

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has the story of how the McShame-Swimmer-Bush Amnesty Bill got put out of our misery (I doubt it is out of its misery, however; there’s still a budget to get passed, and it’s not January 2009 yet). Short version – Harry Reid wanted unanimous consent to push through a bunch of pro-amnesty amendments to get past the 2nd failure of cloture, and DeMint refused go give it. Meanwhile, DeMint, Jeff Sessions and Tom Colbrun worked up a few “killer amendments” that the “Masters of the Universe” didn’t want to see the floor. The “Masters”, specifically Reid, didn’t want to have those amendments see the floor so badly that he pulled the plug rather than accept a vote on those amendments.

Bravo Zulo, Demint, Sessions and Colbrun.

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