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US v Thompson, 3 LIBs’ opinion

by @ 13:27 on April 20, 2007. Filed under Lawgivers-In-Black, Politics - Wisconsin.

I’m so glad they waited until I got back to issue this drivel so I could consider this without being rushed. I’m sure Rick Esenberg will apply a legal mind to this one, and I’ll wager that Jeff Wagner will jump in as well. The short version of the opinion – We Lawgivers-In-Black know better than you peon politicians and civil servants how to run a bidding contest, and if you corrupt politicians want to hand out favors for bribes, use minions and don’t tell them precisely why (though you can go as far as saying that it’s “political”).

That rousing cheer you hear is from corrupt politicians and criminals from Madison to Chicago and all points in between who have been given a “Stay out of jail free while buying campaign contributions and influence” card by LIBs Easterbrook, Bauer and Wood.

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