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State of the…

by @ 17:05 on February 15, 2007. Filed under Miscellaneous.

It may seem I’m a bit late with this, but with the various policies from all of the “state of the…” speeches starting to play themselves out, it’s the perfect time to do my own.

First up, the state of the blog. It’s good, as I’ve successfully moved this thing to its own domain and figured out how to drive most of those stuck in the dark ages here. I might not post as much as I want partly because I am running out of steam and partly because I prefer not to use profanity every other word, but that’s a quibble for my 2 readers.

The state of the city of Oak Creek – Not as good. The suckers known as 54% of the voters in November decided to build a Taj Mahal East Middle School at a cost of $28.5 million (which is more than what they paid to “renovate” and vastly expand the suddenly-inadequate high school, then the bombshells started coming out. First, that 36-acre/$1.4 million site that the school district wanted turned out to be a third swamp, so they couldn’t also build the coming replacement for Meadowview there. Then, the NIMBYs struck successfully. I would be cheering, but I realize two things; the costs will go up even more, and their most-successful argument is complete Barbara Streissand. My answer to that argument; where better than a neighborhood for a school? There’s far fewer overprotective parents driving little Biffy and Buffy to middle school than to elementary school, there’s no high-schoolers making the roads unsafe, and Oakwood Road is supposedly a main road, so the “increased traffic” excuse is a canard.

Taxes went up across the board (again), and unless things change drastically, I either need to learn to love grabbing my ankles or bail. Fortunately, all isn’t yet lost, as Mark Verhalen wants to be my new alderman. Just as a reminder, the primary is next Tuesday.

The state of Milwaukee County – Once again, there are just too many tax-and-spend-and-tax-and-spend-and-tax-and-spend-and-tax-and-spenders. I would call for a revolt, but considering not even half of the people in Oak Creek, once the home of the tax revolt, feel taxes are too high, it’s not worth it. I wish Scott Walker the best of luck, and I hope he decides to run for President because it would give us at least one conservative in the race (more below).

The state of Wisconsin – What do $1.7 billion (and counting) and 600 represent? Another two broken campaign promises by Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale). If I could avoid swearing, I would comment more on the tax increase represented by the first number, and I’m not at all surprised that instead of cutting another 7,000 state jobs (which is what Craps would need to do by 2010 to actually live up to a campaign promise), he’s adding state jobs. Have to have an excuse to raise taxes, after all.

Meanwhile, JB Van Hollen is proving a big disappointment. I wonder if the ‘Rats in this state knew that he would continue his “see no evil” approach he perfected as US Attorney for western Wisconsin, and decided to give the “Pubbies” a token victory.

The state of the Union – We’re, frankly, falling apart. The conversion of the union to North Mexico continues unabated under Jefe Jorge. The ‘Rats, unsatisfied with the 80% they have been getting, and wishing to live in the slavery of dhimmitude and die under Sharia rather than “suffer” under one more day of liberal RepubicRATism (much less conservatism, which we haven’t really had since 1988), are racing each other to see who can cave to the Islamokazis the fastest. The RepubicRATs, almost to a man, are racing hard to the left while giving less than lip service to conservatism.

Damn, I’m depressed.

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