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Carnival of the Badger LIX

by @ 21:54 on October 11, 2006. Filed under Carnival of the Badger.

Now how do I get these odd Roman numeral editions to run? First things first, I’d like to thank the 5 people who remembered to actually send submissions.

– The Badger Tracker just came back from vacation and wonders why UW Chancellor John Wiley is shocked, SHOCKED that the UW Marching Band would consume alcohol and then act stupid.

– Our intrepid Carnival innovator Nick answers a Scott Feldstein guns-or-welfare challenge with a classic Deion Sanders line, “Both, boss”.

– Mike the Ace Reporter from Spring City figures out what the home of the world’s largest 6-pack needs to stop the mysterious drownings.

– Patrick, he of the mean badger on the masthead, points out what happens when a real prosecutor takes over for E. Michael McCann(t).

– Tracy the FRAUD Huntress is surprised that the aforementioned DA managed to charge somebody in the Milwaukee Public Museum meltdown.

Now that we’ve got the good bloggers out of the way, it’s time to be vewy vewy quiet…

…I’m hunting posts. Hehehehehe! If you wanted a different post highlighted, or wanted your own description of the post incorporated, or you think you should’ve been included, you should’ve sent your post in.

– First target – The easily-Changed Aaron, who thinks that everybody else in the Cheddarsphere is dead, but forgot to publicize the funerals.

– Target #2 – The Spotted Chris, who bemoans the Pentagon-ordered demise of tough DIs.

– Double-tap targets – Jib and Early-Spinning Dan had the same reaction to the North Korean nuclear (or maybe not-quite-nuclear) test.

– The 1,000-yard shot – Whether you can read or not, Dennis York’s latest campaign finance screed is must-see blogging.

There went the ammo. I knew I should’ve grabbed the 30-round clip. I’ll leave you with the not-so-official return of All My Packers, The Next Generation.

If you think you can do a better job with the 60th edition, let Nick know. We were within a couple hours of not having a Carnival this week until it fell back on me, and boy does that show.

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