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All My Packers, The Next Generation (Pilot)

by @ 18:25 on October 11, 2006. Filed under Sports.

I don’t have the fancy studio that Bob and Brian do, but we’ll roll with it anyway.

Like sands through the hourglass, so go the days in Green Bay. And thus we bring you All My Packers, The Next Generation.

Well, since we last looked into the goings-on in The Frozen Tundra, we’ve had a Super Bowl ring, a second trip to the Super Bowl, three head coaches, and two general managers. Now, we’re back to where we first started, with a rookie head coach on pace to becoming the worst since the last McCoach, a pure idiot of a GM who wants to make Forrest Gregg look good, more injuries than you can shake a roll of tape at, and a running back that looks to be the second coming of Brent Fullwood. Let’s listen in as GM Ted Thompson sits in his office.

Thompson – “Wile E., you’re such a genius. Waiting until after the 4th game to get rid of Ahmad Carroll to make yourself look good compared to that schmuk Shermoron was brilliance, sheer brilliance.”
“Hello, Wile E. Thompson, super genius speaking. Oh, hi Commish. What do you mean Koren’s appealing? Oh well, back to the ole’ drawing board.”

Tune in next time, when we hear Vernand Morency and Brett Favre do a duet, “It just slipped out of my hands.” Next time, on All My Packers, The Next Generation.

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