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XXVII Olyimpiad of the Carnival of the Badger is up

by @ 9:04 on February 23, 2006. Filed under Carnival of the Badger.

Lisa of Territorial Pissings has the Carnivalympics up. The bar is set for my run at the Carnival next week.

Remember, there are 3 easy ways to get your entries in –

  • Send an email directly to badgercarnival – at – gmail – dot -com (you should know what to do with the anti-spam effort). Please be sure to include the direct link to your post, as well as the name of your blog, and a short summary of your post to help the carnival host.
  • Use the Blog Carnival Submission Form. You can also view a list of all previous editions of the Carnival of the Badger at the Blog Carnival Archive Page.
  • Use the Carnival Submit Form from Conservative Cat.

They’re due at 2000 hours CST (that’s 8 pm for those that don’t read 24-hour clocks too well) March 1. I hope to be very busy creating the 29th edition (somehow, Lisa lost an “I”; oops). I do have a couple ideas for a theme, but until I hit “Publish”, I reserve the right to change my mind on the theme to fit the (hopefully) numerous and varied entries Nick will be forwarding to me Wednesday night.

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