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Sunday pre-brunch smashes

by @ 8:18 on February 5, 2006. Filed under History, MMSD - The Crap People, Politics - Wisconsin, Religion, Sports.

From Fox News, adherents of  Islam, the Religion of “Peace”, stormed and torched the Danish Embassy in Syria as part of ongoing protests over a cartoon.   Grow up, Muslims; the presstitutes have been doing that sort of schtick to us Christians for decades.

 – The Journal Sentinel crows about how Wisconsin is the King of the Throne – yes, that throne (so if you have just eaten or are about to eat, please skip to the next segment).   It seems that between Kohler-#1 in toilets, Bemis Manufacturing-#1 in toilet seats, the thickest concentraion of toilet paper manufacturers around in the Fox Valley, and SC Johnson’s Glade-#1 air freshener, we’re the king of all that is crappy.   So next time you see #2 floating in Lake Michigan, take pride that not only did a Wisconsinite (probably) squeeze that particular piece out, and not only that MMSD-The Crappy Water People decided to once again showcase Wisconsin’s competence by displaying their incompetence, but that Wisconsinites had a hand in almost every other step of that process as well.   Don’t say I didn’t warn you

– In the “blind squirrel finds nut” category, Eugene Kane gets something right.   History is history, so it’s time to stop patronizing blacks by setting aside the shortest month of the year as “Black” History Month.   Teach those milestones on the anniversaries of the dates they happened (and find a suitable time for those that happened during the summer).

– The Minister of Defense, Reggie White, is headed to the Football Hall of Fame.   Despite his passing away last year, fellow inductees Troy Aikman and Warren Moon will be looking over their shoulders hearing the footsteps and their blockers flying through the air, and I’ll be hearing Reggie’s gravel voice.

Fred gives “Badcast” a unique definition.   No, it’s not a putrid podcast (though if I tried it, it sure would be); it’s a Badger-centric one.   Tips of the hat to Aaron and Jenna, and Sean for having the courage to do this.

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