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Carnival reminder

by @ 8:06 on February 18, 2006. Filed under Carnival of the Badger.

The Carnival of the Badger, started up by Nick back in the dog days of August 2005, will be making its 28th weekly appearance at Territorial Pissings.   Sometime before 2000 hours (8 pm) Wednesday, February 22, if you’re a part of the Cheddarsphere (for those that haven’t paid attention to either folkbum or Fred, that’s the part of the blogosphere occupied by Wisconsinites), find your best post of the week (or more, though I won’t guarantee that any particular host will include more than 1), and get it in.   You even have 3 different ways to do it (make sure you include your blog name, the direct link to your post, and a brief description):


The following week, Nick has somehow seen fit to send the Carnival my way.   Hopefully I won’t frag it up too bad.   He does have hosts through March 16th, but he’s always looking for more hosts.   If you are interested in hosting a future Carnival of the Badger, let him know over here (he also has an e-mail link off of that page if you prefer to keep things private).   Let him know your name, blog URL, the week(s) you want,  and an e-mail address where he can get the submissions to you.

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