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Those who don’t remember history…

by @ 11:20 on December 14, 2005. Filed under Miscellaneous.

(H/T Charlie’s show)

How appropriate it is that the penultimate reaction to the first episode happened 232 years ago Friday. A politically-connected industry finds itself with a massive amount of product that it can’t sell. It goes to the government to get a monopoly in a new market to get rid of it and goes on to claim that it will actually cost less to do it that way. Charlie, his Insight Check callers, and I aren’t talking about the East India Tea Company back in the 1770s (which led to the Boston Tea Party and ultimately the creation of the United States of America), but ethanol in 2005. That’s right, the Assembly forgot its history and is planning on cramming the more-expensive, less-efficient, more-polluting, small-engine-killing statewide ethanol mandate through tomorrow.

Those staffers you called regarding the repeal of the automatic gas-tax increase (which went through the Assembly by a veto-proof margin; all indications are that Craps will veto it and let the Senate uphold the veto as it didn’t pass by 2/3rds there) are still there in Madison. Call them NOW!

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