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Adding fuel to the barbecue funeral pyre

by @ 18:54 on May 23, 2009. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

While everybody else has been getting charcoal and propane for the unofficial start for summer, the Dems on the Joint Finance Committee have been busy working on the budget deficit. Of course, by work, I mean reward their campaign contributors and raid the few funds that have even a pittance of cash.

Greg Bump has been keeping track over at WisPolitics’ Budget Blog. The short version is that criminals (via in-state tuition for illegal aliens, the decriminalization of driving after revokation, and the non-felony welfare fraud), unions (via “prevailing wage” requirements for most public works projects), and homosexuals (via both a sex-neutral domestic partner benefit package for state workers and a homosexual-specific domestic partner registry) are the big winners, while the Attorney General’s office, municipalities, counties, and those who use health care are big losers.

I also recommend reading Rep. Robin Vos’ (R-Racine) Twitter stream.

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