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The Weekend Scramble Brunch, Part 1 – 1/11/2009

by @ 14:55 on January 11, 2009. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Time to go deep into the archives for the weekend…


We’ve got the 7th season of Jack starting tonight at 7 pm (Central; consult your local listings for other time zones) on Fox (Channel 6/6.1 in Milwaukee, 506 on the Milwaukee-area Time Warner Cable HD box, consult your local listings for the channel in your area). I’ll be helping live-blog over at Blogs4Bauer.

  • Stephen Kruiser calls Bravo Sierra on Barack Obama’s “FIRE!”
  • Owen reports Wisconsin governor Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/HoChunk-For Sale, who is lucky that none of his pay-for-play schemes happened in northern Illinois) wants to overrule the wishes of the taxpayers who rejected Taj Mahal schools. I’m trying real hard to not let loose with a “Fuck him and the union that bought him” line (oops, too late).
  • Dave in Texas finds dissention in the ‘Rat camp. I wonder if the Congressional ‘Rats are merely pissed that Obama’s attempt to create a majority with a negative tax liability is being sold as a “tax cut” instead of a raw, naked extension of welfare.
  • Doug Powers is shocked, SHOCKED that the architect of the worst economy in the US, Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, is part of Obama’s economic team. I’m not; after all, another, more-successful of his team members, Warren Buffet, advocates a 1% GDP growth.
  • Patrick McIlheran proves that the resurrection of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration, which is what Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway wants, will be even less successful the second time around.
  • James T. Harris explains why it wasn’t successful the first time.
  • Uncle Jimbo finds the looters at the gates. Er, they’re in power.
  • Ace breaks out the dinosaur for the impending death of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. I mourn the fact that so much fisking material will soon be going to waste.
  • HeatherRadish proves that if there is no safeguards against abuse of paid “sick days”, they will be abused. Bold prediction – a lot more businesses in Milwaukee will fold now that they have to give 9 additional days of sick leave vacation.
  • Shoebox auctions off the number of jobs that Obama will “create” out of whole cloth and unicorn horns.
  • Asian Badger sees nothing good about Red China reducing its appetite for US debt. Can you say, “Stagflation”? (and that’s if we’re lucky)
  • Christian Schneider proves the only place the ‘Rats want to drill is into the economy.

The second heaping will be up shortly.

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