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The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 1/22/2009

by @ 8:16 on January 22, 2009. Filed under Open Thread Thursday, The Morning Scramble.

Every day is a blue day nowadays. Some are just more blue than others…


This is a Faux News Alert. Barack Obama woke up. This has been a Faux News Alert.

  • Jon Sanders punches out an epic poem (no, not a DrewM. “epic”, so it’s safe for work, unless you’re a Moonbat without a sense of humor). (Revisions/extensions, 9:00 am 1/22/2009 – I’m missing my morning Dew ever since the parent company went all DopeyChangey on me; corrected Jon’s name)
  • The Wolf reports that, for the first time in the history of the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball, which features Medal of Honor winners, the incoming President skipped that ball. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Barack Hussein Obama would blow off just about every living Medal of Honor winner able to make it out to an event.

This just in…Barack Obama took a dump. Film at 11.

  • Allahpundit caught the elder presstitute admitting the painfully obvious. Even though there’s film, I wouldn’t recommend looking directly at it.
  • James T. Harris reveals the first glimpse at the Book of Obama. The scary thing is, I can see reality following parody.
  • Hope, Change, and Indoctrination, Part I – Skip found a school district that wants to blacklist teachers who didn’t broadcast the Immaculation (© Rush Limbaugh).
  • Hope, Change, and Indoctrination, Part II – Speaking of Rush, he reports a teacher got her panties in a wad because the school she teaches indoctrinates at ran his feed of the Immaculation speech. NRE has issued a Crying River Flood Warning for Green Bay. Seriously, I expect that episode to be Exhibit #34 in the calls for the return of the (Un)Fairness Doctrine.
  • Paul Socha would like to see that episode turned into a proper Dan’s Bake Sale teaching moment. I won’t hold my breath.

Breaking hard, Bar…ENOUGH of the Obamination broken news; you can get that on ABCCNNNBCCBSPMSNBCNYTWaPoYourLocalPaintCatcher (which must be bucking hard for an ObamiNation BailOut). Back to your regularily-scheduled Scramble, already in progress.

  • Stephen Green (at his new Pajamas Media address; please make a note of it) finds our “friends” the Saudis looking into getting Pakistani nukes. Bold prediction – the Middle East will be a radioactive wasteland by the end of 2012.
  • Larrey Anderson asks the unthinkable question – should conservatives continue to be part of the GOP? To be honest, I’ve been tossing that around my head since the passage of the expansion of Medicare.
  • YoSAMite has also been tossing that around. Complicating that for the RPW is the fact that the party leadership has no control over the politicians.
  • AWR Hawkins provides another piece of evidence that a divorce is necessary – the slightly-less-liberal half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government is flocking toward the Obamination.
  • BrianR is shocked, SHOCKED that California is taking the inch they got on limiting cell phone use while driving and taking the mile to ban it entirely.
  • Dave explains as only a person who flies an Airbus A320 can what it was probably like in the cockpit of US Airways Flight 1549.

It IS Open Thread Thursday, so pipe up.

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