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The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 1/15/2009

by @ 11:18 on January 15, 2009. Filed under Open Thread Thursday, The Morning Scramble.

It’s too cold to come up with a pithy open, so I’ll let Lynyrd Skynyrd do the talking…


  • John provides an example of the good that Project Valour-IT does. I am proud to support this cause.
  • Amanda Carpenter and Hugh Hewitt face off on the worthiness (or lack thereof) of Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner. I see Geithner as just another example of Chicago politics (yes, I know he’s actually from the Tammany Hall wing).
  • Josh Schroeder is shocked, SHOCKED that the U.S. Senate Bean Soup (yes, there is such a thing) has a bunch of pork in it.
  • Jim Geraghty reports that the $1 trillion $1.3 trillion “stimulus” has grown 30%.
  • King Banian marvels at the request from Duluth for $6 million for a snow-making machine. While the $83,000 per job is a “bargain” compared to the $230,000 per job in the overall “stimulus”, why would a city that averages over 80 inches of snow per year need a snow-making machine?
  • Shoebox proves his statement that there is no difference between 57, 58, 59 or 60 ‘Rats in the Senate once again – they’re about to roll over on releasing the other $350 billion in the original bailout.
  • Ace found yet another set of words from Barack Obama that have reached their expiration date – his vow to not rest until Osama bin Laden’s head was on a pike in the Oval Office. I wonder if he was worried that Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy and CNN would confuse the two of them again.
  • Charlie Sykes compares and contrasts the last and the next inaugurations. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that the presstitutes, especially The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™, are silent about the record cost of this one.
  • Dave in Texas found “Baby Come Back” on Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’ iPod, as news that he is pulling back from the nationalization of Venezuela’s oil industry comes to light.
  • John Hawkins has reason #243,129 to militarize the southern border – Mexico is one of two countries that are on course for a “rapid and sudden collapse”.
  • Zip found the latest piece of evidence that the UN is at the least complicit in Hamas’ war against Israel.
  • Bill Quick asks the War College, “(I)f we can’t know our enemy, how can we defeat him?” That’s right, the next generation of warriors are not learning about radical Islam.
  • I can’t leave without some warm thoughts – Asian Badger cheers a double dose of goodness coming to southern Wisconsin from the premier aerobatics teams in the world. Mark down 5/30-5/31 and 7/25-7/26 on your calendars NOW!

Well, it is Open Thread Thursday, so take over already.

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