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The Morning Scramble – 1/19/2009

by @ 12:46 on January 19, 2009. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Time to put you in the Iron Maiden…


  • NiceDeb proves again, and again, and again, and again, and again that Shoebox was right when he said there was no difference between 57 ‘Rats and 60 ‘Rats.
  • Skip is shocked, SHOCKED that the ‘Rat half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government is seizing another opportunity to expand the pork. News flash – both halves of the bipartisan P-I-G will seize every opportunity (see the above item).
  • Owen found the shine already coming off the HopenChange Express. No matter; the presstitutes will just continue to cover for the next 4-8 years.
  • Charles Johnson presents them with the 2008 Idiotarian Award for just that behavior.
  • Matt Spivey reports the teachers’ unions are also more than willing to participate in the propaganda.
  • SteveT adds the Leftosphere to the propaganda – they’re throwing the race card out at those of us who won’t partake of the Obamination Inauguration.
  • Tom McMahon has the only way to watch that. The staff of NRE is not responsible for alcohol poisoning if one chooses to use it for a drinking game instead of bingo (though I note alcohol poisoning is better than cyanide-laced Kool-Aid).
  • Fausta found that it’s “cool” to fly the flag again. Of course, the flag in question is either the old Soviet Union hammer-and-sickle or this one…
  • Michelle Malkin is shocked, SHOCKED that the official flag of the Obama States of America (or is it Amerika) has been defaced (literally).
  • Jim Hoft declares the War On Terror the most-successful ever, at least in terms of casualties.
  • Dad29 lists some of those Islamokazis who have assumed room cave Hell temperature.
  • DrewM. found a side benefit of going back to the 12th Century – The Plague returns, Islamokazis hardest hit.
  • Thomas Lifson has Exhibit #513,213,592 of UN complicity in the war on Israel. Somehow, I doubt that Israel ending the offensive against Hamas a couple days before their shield in the UNSecurity Council evaporates will save them from having the UN compllicity become official UN policy.
  • John McAdams runs the numbers on the soon-to-be-reality-living-nightmare KRM. Of course, since there’s an additional 9 days of sick leave vacation, it’s “only” a subsidy of $12,000 per year for those who live in Kenosha.
  • Random10 proves Gorebal “Warming”, or at least mandates to combat it, have lethal consequences.
  • Martinra measures how many “a”s it takes to scream.
  • Adam cashes in on the collectible craze with Jack Bauer Commemorative Coins. I guess being out of work has caused Mike Novick to put on a few pounds.

If it’s Monday, and it’s between the Divisional Round and Memorial Day, it must be a “24” Monday. Unfortunately, I won’t be part of the Blogs.4Bauer liveblog tonight (prior committments, dammit), but don’t let that stop you from being part of it.

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