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Coulter banned from NBC, NBC banned from NRE – UPDATE – Ban might be lifted

by @ 18:04 on January 5, 2009. Filed under Presstitute Follies.

(H/T – Mary, who has the back story including the marching orders from Media Matters)

The Drudge Report reports that NBC, at the last minute, pulled Ann Coulter from her scheduled appearance on tomorrow’s “Today” show in favor of Perez Hilton (he of the $1,000-to-pie-Coulter offer) and banned her “for life” from the NBC family of networks. In response, I am banning all future positive or neutral references to NBC, CNBC, MSNBC (both the website and the channel), The Weather Channel, USA, Sci-Fi, Bravo, Telemundo or any other entity NBC is involved with. They can choke on The Championship Game That Cannot Be Named™ and the Olympics. In short, FUCK THEM!

Revisions/extensions (7:04 am 1/6/2008) – With yet another tip of the hat to Mary, Politico is reporting that NBC has offered Coulter a spot on Wednesday’s edition of “Today”. I’ll believe it when Allahpundit puts up the clip.

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