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The Morning Scramble, Part 1 (‘Rat edition) – 8/26/2008

by @ 8:33 on August 26, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Michelle Malkin provided the tune for Part 1 with news that Hillary Clinton is letting her delegates go her own way –


Once again, there’s too much goodness out there for a single shot.

  • Alice H is providing on-the-scene reports from the Recreate ’68ers. She was in the middle of last night’s tear-gassing.
  • Speaking of being in the middle of CHAOS, Jim Hoft reports friend of NRE Michelle Malkin was the target of an ugly midday episode.
  • Stephen Green provides some more local color.
  • William Teach wonders where the presstitute coverage of this is. Answer – it doesn’t meet their “One vision, one purpose” meme.
  • USCitizen has some fun with colors and dubs the O’Biden ticket “Bad Men”. Yep.
  • TexasFred reveals the secret to starting each day with a positive political outlook.
  • Christian Schneider makes the case that Joe Biden’s selection is a great leap for gender equity.
  • Jim Geraghty remembers who Biden wanted as John “Flipper” Kerry’s running mate in 2004. Hint; he’s on a major-party ticket this year. Thank you Tom Daschle for winning the battle of this year’s VP nominee.
  • Peter explores the Biden/Tony Rezko connection. I hereby propose that all future O’Biden commercials have the following disclaimer – “Paid for by Tony Rezko.”
  • Rick Moran deconstructs Biden’s foreign policy “experience”. Possible new slogan: Biden – Screwing Up Foreign Policy Since 1979.
  • See-dubya notes that Biden is more than a bit like Chevy Chase.
  • Jon Sanders sums up ‘Rat Presidential politics with one story from The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™.
  • Back to The Indispensible One – Jim Geraghty found Barack Obama sandwiched between a pair of rock acts. But, but, but I thought the Obamination was the headliner.
  • Continuing with Jim, – he notes that the John Edwards’ Two Americas is alive and well for Obama’s big donors; they will get Secret Service escort through the perimeter on Thursday.
  • One more Geraghty nugget (for now, at least) – he caught Obama in the wrong city. At least he didn’t make it a state like he did Eau Claire.
  • Let There Be CHAOS, Part I – GayPatriotWest wonders whether it’s the fact that the Clintons are the Clintons or whether it’s Obama’s treatment of the Clintons that’s keeping the Obamination Express stuck in the mud.
  • Let There Be CHAOS, Part II – Ed Morrissey notes that both Hillary Clinton and her advisers are skipping out on the Invesco Field coronation.
  • Let There Be CHAOS, Part III – Wyatt Earp found Bill Clinton unhappy with his role. He should put some ice on that.
  • Let There Be CHAOS, Part IV – John McCormack says that the 3 am texting was no mistake, even as the presstitutes were getting confirmation 2 hours prior to the “first-in-the-world-to-know” messages.
  • Or Maybe There Won’t Be CHAOS – Allahpundit reports that Clinton will be part of the plan to nip it as the first flower starts blooming and ask for a unanimous blessing of the Obamination.
  • Pejman Yousefzadeh found Obama economic adviser Warren Buffet praising the wonders of 1% economic growth. Talk about your low expectations.
  • Gaius discovered a plan to ensure that; target TV networks and stations that dare speak up against the Obamination.
  • American Pundit marvels at Obama’s “so <expletive deleted>ing what” defense of his lifelong friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.
  • CDR Salamander created the perfect Maoist Obamination poster.
  • JammieWearingFool reports the Denver plot against Obama was deemed by the authorities as “not credible”. Well; they are druggies.
  • Andy McCarthy notes that it was a traffic stop that broke up this plot. And here I thought there was no use in doing roadside searches </sarcasm>.
  • Dad29 sums up the ‘Rat platform in ART form.
  • Zip discovered the ‘Rats rank the Peanut Farmer and Algore Goracle (in order, no less) as their favorite leaders not named Obama or Clinton. No wonder why they’re cheering the O’Biden ticket as the second Peanut Administration.

    Shock item out of that – Joe Lieberman ranks higher on the “Very Favorable” meter among ‘Rats than Harry Reid.

  • Jim Geraghty wonders where the complaints from the presstitutes about having to use port-a-potties are.
  • Caledonia Unplugged pictures the answer; they’re so wrapped up in the Obamination Express they don’t care.

The (mostly-)non-‘Rat-infested portion will be up shortly.

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