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The Morning Scramble – 8/20/2008

by @ 9:18 on August 20, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I need an extra shot of adrenaline to make it through Hump Day…


  • Let’s start with the McCainiac Watch today and something that is only semi-serious – Plebian has the results of the Intertubes conservatives’ VP wish list (or at least the Morons’ wish list). Item #8 looks like a good qualification. Did I mention that plebian’s middle name is “Surely”?
  • Rob Bluey isn’t counting out Eric Cantor. Whether he, or any other Congressional darkhorse, remains in play depends on who Barack Obama picks; if he goes with a governor, there’s no way John McCain could or should go with another Congresscritter, especially considering the historic low approval rating of Congress.
  • McCain/Loserman, Part 1 – Carol Platt Liebau thinks it’s brilliant strategery to keep Joe Lieberman in the mix. It’s more like stragedy; while I can’t speak for anybody else, I won’t be fooled into thinking McCain’s choice is more conservative just because he considered picking somebody who still caucuses with the ‘Rats in the Senate.
  • McCain/Loserman, Part 2 – Patrick Ruffini won’t be too upset if it is Lieberman. Thus is the difference between Washington Insider and somebody far away from the DC bubble (Sean Hackbarth’s description of me) made crystal-clear. It’s more like punting long on 3rd down.
  • McCain/Loserman, Part 3 – Michelle Malkin asks whether we could vote for a McCain/Lieberman ticket. I seem to have missed the “I’ll be writing in the boss and see-dubya” option.
  • McCain/Loserman, Part 4 – Ed Morrissey sums it up in one word – DISASTER. Actually, there’s a lot more words worth reading, including a suggestion if McCain really wants to blow up the GOP without blowing out all the conservatives.
  • Erick Erickson asks where the stories about a pro-abortion VP for McCain are coming from. While I took door #5 (the closest thing to the “R”NC that is out there), a shocking number of people made the McCain campaign #2 with a bullet.
  • Sean Oxendine points out the good and bad about McCain’s chances – he’s only getting (most of) those that don’t like Obama.
  • Thomas Lifson found the Obamination campaign handing out “street money”. I honestly don’t know what the difference is between that and voter bribery, but it’s par for the ‘Rat course.
  • Bill Quick is shocked, SHOCKED that the University of Illinois-Chicago is refusing to release records relating to service Barack Obama did for Bill Ayers’ group. He’s also wondering why the TV trucks aren’t camped out there (actually, he knows why, but I won’t spoil the surprise by repeating it).
  • Obamination Out Of Steam, Part 1 – Lady Logician notes that Obama’s Virginia strategy isn’t exactly flying. Bonus – RealClearPolitics gives McCain a 274-264 projected win once all the toss-ups are factored in.
  • Obamination Out Of Steam, Part 2 – Shoebox thinks Minnesota is now very-strongly in play for McCain. Minnesota has not gone for a Republican since 1972, the longest streak out there.
  • Obamination Out Of Steam, Part 3 – Jim Hoft reports Obama’s Jewish poll numbers are the worst showing by a ‘Rat since Jimmy Carter’s 1980 run.
  • McQ found the Obamination camp running scared in the wake of the Saturday Night Saddleback Slaughter. I have but 5 letters – CHAOS!
  • J.R. Dunn makes the case for calling Obama a flake.
  • Slublog wonders how, after 2 daughters, Obama could be so pro-abortion he supports after-birth murder like Russ el-Feingold. Oh, and before anybody goes and throws the 98-0 vote out there, that was on an amendment to a bill that never got out of the Senate. What did pass went through by unanimous consent without a roll call.
  • Attila Girl has a question for the PUMAs in the audience on what happens if Hillary Clinton doesn’t get the VP nod from Obama. Come on, say it with me – CHAOS!!!!
  • Flip wonders where Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis are on the Epic FAIL speakers’ portion of the ‘Rat convention schedule. After all, the Peanut Farmer, Algore Goracle, and Flipper Kerry are all speaking.
  • Michelle Malkin found a hidden $oro$ $lu$h Fund in the DNC platform. Bonus for Fred – the opening line is MRQ-worthy – “The Democratic Party platform is like a bag of pork rinds. You never know what high-fat liberal government morsel you’re gonna get.”
  • Zip caught the BBC giving £20,000 to the 7/7 bombers, who promptly turned the cash into Jihadi videos. Guess the Beeb was outsourcing.
  • James T. Harris found some more scientists who say we’re headed to a mini-ice age, not of 10 years as previously thought, but of 60-80 years, and not of man’s doing, but of the sun’s lack of doing.
  • American Pundit found Russi…er, the Soviet Union (<expletive deleted> it; I’m going with the name Mad Vlad wants to restore) committing an act of war against the US.
  • Dr. Rusty Shackelford delivers a couple of history lessons on Russia, Georgia, the Europeans, and Iosif Stalin.
  • See-Dubya caught the Madhi Army back to its old torturous tricks. And here I thought that their “disarmament” meant they were peace-loving peaceniks who wouldn’t harm a fly, much less a fellow man <sarcasm_dripping>.
  • Sean M. declares the Dallas School District’s essential elimination of failing grades a “huge pile of FAIL”. Paging Mr. Sykes. Paging Charlie Sykes. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.
  • Walter E. Williams explodes various economic and economic-related myths.
  • Rhonda R. Shearer caught Google cooking the Google Earth/Google Map books. Semi-related; Shoebox pointed out to me while I was putting this together that Google’s Blogsearch is pulling up a bunch of splogs.

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