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Why the “National Popular Vote” is a bad idea (part 3)

by @ 12:45 on June 17, 2006. Filed under Politics - National.

Okay, enough of the nice “non-partisan” arguments below. There are two interlocking reasons why the leftists over at National Popular Vote and various presstitutes are pushing an extra-Constitutional plan to neuter the Electoral College: it would allow the maximizing of Democratic vote fraud, which in turn would allow the moonbattiest of moonbats to successfully run for President. Time to explain.

There are a number of highly-populous Democratic strongholds that historically been home to massive vote fraud that lie in states that are no longer competitive to one party or the other. With the current state-by-state Electoral College scheme, there is little incentive to try to mine the graveyards or have the usual suspects “vote” 5 times in their state of origin because the party that would get that state’s electoral votes would do so with or without that fraud. However, if a majority of the electoral votes were tied to the candidate that wins the national vote, that fraud would become vital for a ‘Rat victory.

I already touched on the “radicalization” of the Presidential candidates that the abandonment of the state-by-state scheme would enable. That would be exacerbated on the left by a guaranteed number of “votes” via fraud. With those “votes” already in the ballot box, the ‘Rats would feel even less pressure to attempt to “moderate” their candidate (as if Al Gore and John F’em Kerry could be called “moderates”).

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