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Back-handed smashes of justice

by @ 10:53 on March 7, 2012. Filed under Miscellaneous.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing entirely too much Tweeting lately. While that’s fine for things that take 140 characters or less, there’s a few items on the old radar screen that take a few more than that. Let’s roll back into proper blogging form, shall we?

  • The Senate Unioncrats and Dale Schultz (though I repeat myself) killed off the proposed iron mine UpNorth. In response, the state seal has been changed to reflect the reality that mining is dead.
  • Two long-time fixtures on their NFL teams, Heinz Ward and Peyton Manning, have been cut by, respectively, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts due to their reduced level of performance no longer meeting the inflated salaries. I’m steeling myself for the day, just before training camp, the Packers do the same to Donald Driver.
  • Staying on sports, Ryan Braun found the one arbitrator in America who bought his sorry ass of an excuse that because the person who collected his sample didn’t want it sitting unguarded in some FedEx Office (nee Kinko’s) back room over the weekend, he shouldn’t face any consequences for having artificial testosterone in his system. The Unioncrats are looking for a way to get said arbitrator to move to Wisconsin.
  • Dane County Lawgiver-In-Black, Recall Walker signer (on a petition circulated by his wife), and employer of a longtime Kathleen Falk operative (as his campaign manager in a one-person race) David Flanagan issued a “temporary” injunction halting implementation of Wisconsin’s voter ID law, just in time to keep any potential write-in candidate from ousting him, saying that vote fraud is rare. To adopt the lieberal verbiage, if it stops just one fraudulent vote from being cast, it’s worth it.
  • Michelle Malkin simply destroys the false claims of a WarOnWymyn™ waged by the GOP by offering up just a small sample of what was hurled at her. It’s far worse than anything Rush Limbaugh hurled at the professional femme-a-gogue who wants to sever the Catholic church from its stance on contraceptives.
  • It’s a sad day in the naval aviation world – Neptunus Lex died in a crash of an F-21 Kfir yesterday. Fair winds, and unless you’re conducting flight ops, following seas, Lex.
  • Now that Mitt Romney has all-but-sewn up the official coronation of the 2012 Republican nomination, which he earned by SuperDuperTuesday 2008 (and thus ensuring that PlaceboCare and the war on the “rich” will continue unabated for the next 4-8 years), the battle for the 2016 Republican nomination (unless you believe that the innovator of PlaceboCare will knock off the national implementer of same) takes center stage. Of course, the predictable calls for that to be settled by both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich dropping out now are out there, thus making Wisconsin’s primary completely worthless as it has been my entire adult life.
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Matt Kenseth won the Daytona 505. The best part – spotter Mike Calinoff’s new tattoo.

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