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The Morning Scramble – The People versus The Public Unions edition

by @ 9:36 on February 18, 2011. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, The Morning Scramble.

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple days, so I’ve decided to dust off The Morning Scramble. Before we get to the fun stuff (i.e., what everybody else is saying), I do have a bit of recent-historical perspective to offer. Immediately after the implosion of the Democrat Party of Wisconsin in the November 2010 elections, then-governor Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/HoChunk-For Sale) rushed negotiations on contracts with the vast majority of the state unions for the July 2009-June 2011 (do note the dates) to completion. As part of that, the work rules were changed to give the employees almost total control over the workplace. Meanwhile, tne “trend-setter” contract for SEIU-represented home health-care workers for July 2011-June 2013 actually raised their compensation by $622,000 per year.

The state Legislature, then controlled by Doyle’s fellow Democrats, then proceeded to head into a special December session for just the second time in the previous 40 years to ratify those 17 contracts. Other than a vacationing Republican Senator, which reduced their minority numbers to 14, and a missing Democrat Assemblyman, which reduced their majority number, everybody showed up on short notice, even though it was widely anticipated that the contracts would be approved. The Democrats even sprung a convict from Huber jail to provide the margin-of-victory in the Assembly on 16 of the contracts. Fortunately, because the ex-Senate Democrat leader had a moment of clarity, all of the ratification votes failed in the Senate.

Contrast the behavior of the Republicans two months ago to that of the Democrats now. All of the Senate Democrats ran out of state so the “Never Again!” vote coudln’t happen as scheduled yesterday. Let’s roll video of the Rockford Tea Party hounding absent Dems Jim Holperin and Bob Jauch out of Rockford (video courtesy Jim Hoft, identities courtesy Kevin Binversie) to start the Scramble portion of the post:


  • In Wisconsin Reporter’s coverage, Rick Esenberg has a gem of an idea; split the reductions of the union bargaining rights out of budget repair bill so only a simple majority is requried for action instead of 3/5ths.
  • Michelle Malkin has a lengthy series of posts from the last 2 days, including a counter-rally at the Capitol on Sautrday at noon.
  • Ace notes the #NewTone is the same as the #OldTone for the √úbermenschen. I doubt they’re using the Nietzsche definition.
  • Back to Kevin’s previoiusly-linked post for a minite – he asks a few questions, such as who paid for the Dem run, and what happens to the high school sporting events.
  • Speaking of high-school sporting events, Charlie Sykes noticed the Edgerton High School students taunted Madison East (the first school to shut down on Tuesday afternoon) fans with a “”We got teachers. How about you?” chant at a high school hockey game between the two schools.
  • In case you missed how unspontaneous the Madison East “walkout” was on Tuesday, The MacIver Institute has a video reminder. Guess it’s time for a video break…


  • Da Tech Guy penned a not-so-short poem to the travels of the Senate Dems.
  • Stephen Hayes points out what it’s really about – the loss of money and power for the unions. To which, I say, “Break them!”
  • To close, I’ll remind everybody we’re not alone in Wisconsin. Maggie Thurber passed along this video of the unions trying to deny a similar effort in Ohio.


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