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Neumann enters falsehood-mongering territory

by @ 9:09 on March 29, 2010. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

I’m almost at a loss of words to explain various attempts by both the Mark Neumann campaign and Neumann himself to spread falsehoods on Scott Walker’s political future – despicable is about the only one that comes to mind. Fortunately, Christian Schneider broke out the full Dennis York on his Twitter feed this morning. A couple of my favorites…

Scott Walker is quitting the governor’s race to teach motor scooter safety to legless senior citizens.

If Scott Walker is elected governor, he will outlaw use of the letter “N.”

I have decided to drop the blog neutrality in the race because of this. I have tried to keep my personal endorsement of Scott Walker separate from the blog becuase up until this broke, I had also respected Mark Neumann. However, there is a difference between a factually-based “negative” campaign and a campaign built on lies, and Neumann crossed that line.

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