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The Morning Scramble – Special Swimming Away Edition

by @ 10:55 on August 27, 2009. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Yes, it’s back for one morning only. Before I get to the meat of the matter, I must point you to some heartfelt words from Emperor Misha I to the remainder of the Kennedy family. For them, the late Senator was not Senator, but family.

Now that the 24-hour period of “mandatory niceness” is officially over (hell, it barely begun before Nancy Pelosi declared a unilateral end by demanding that ObamaCare the Chappaquiddick Memorial Death Panels Bill be passed in his name), we need music. Maestro…

Since I’m going to be lumped in by the “arbiters of ‘absolute moral authority'” with those who I quite franky agree even if I remain silent, I have got to salute those who remember Kennedy for the hyper-partisan, (wo)manslaughtering drunk, Communist sypathizer he was:

  • We start with today’s Day by Day cartoon –
  • Eric unloads the woodshed, the brickbats, and everything but the kitchen sink on Kennedy after somehow managing to observe the full 24 hours. Remember Robert Bork!
  • The Angry Webmaster includes the kitchen sink.
  • Tom McMahon multi-blocked the ten hours that cemented Kennedy’s reputatoin.
  • Rick Moran notes that a sitting Senator leaving a young woman to die in the back of one’s submerged vehicle isn’t as big a news as it used to be. Of course, back then, it wasn’t exactly pursued either; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been in the Senate the last 30-some years.
  • The Winning McCain Part 1 – Robert Stacy McCain broke out the “Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment” line one more time. Point of order – she is now able to unleash 40 years’ worth of comments on the guy who left her to die in the back of his sunken Olds.
  • The Winning McCain Part 2 – he declared yesterday to be Mary Jo Kopechne Day, and, as the Godfather of Rule 5 blogging, included heaps of links to others who celebrated it as such.
  • Paula provided the inspiration.
  • Kate, who was inexplicably missed in McCain’s roundup, mourns the fact that Mary Jo’s dad didn’t outlast her daughter’s killer.
  • Trail-Mix, who was also inexplicably missed, breaks out the Wikipedia entry. I would have recommended, but it seems the website went into the graveyard in the ether and only the Internet Archive has it.
  • Emperor Misha I predicts Hell will run out of liquor inside a week.
  • Confederate Yankee remembers Comrade Swimmer’s collusion with the Soviets to try to oust President Reagan.
  • The DPUD Chad lists more of The Swimmer’s “accomplishments”, including repeated abandonments of countries to Communists, and influence-pushing to help one of his nephews in a rape case.
  • Dr. Dave lists all of the “compassion” Kennedy had while living.
  • James Wigderson remembers Kennedy’s life as “one of unlimited potential, much of it wasted.”
  • Peter notes Dean Wormer was wrong – fat, drunk and stupid is a way to go through life.
  • Fidothedog breaks out some classic Kennedy posters.
  • Obi’s Sister just couldn’t work up any sympathy for Kennedy.
  • Phineas notes that Kennedy’s treasonous relations with the Soviet Union was the blueprint for the Left’s actions during the Iraq War.
  • Van Helsing breathes a sigh of relief.
  • Basil opens up The Swimmer Joke line.
  • Frank J. has a few random thoughts, including wishing Mary Jo Kopechne would have been alive to see that she was a trending topic on Twitter. She and the place she died were also top Google searches.
  • Doctor Zero found a bill that is worthy of the Kennedy name – a term-limit bill.

The outro music comes courtesy Headless Blogger, who should enter his Dead Kennedy joke in Basil’s post.


Once again, there is a reason why I don’t do Scrambles anymore – this took longer than it took Pelosi to bust up the 24-hour rule.

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