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Barack HUSSEIN Obama bows to his master

by @ 13:39 on April 2, 2009. Filed under Politics - National, War on Terror.

No, that is NOT a delayed April Fool’s joke. Clarice Feldman spotted this photograph from AFP’s John Stilwell (working as the pool photographer; The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ didn’t mention which part of the pool Stilwell works for) showing President Barack HUSSEIN Obama bowing to Saudi King Abdullah at the G-20 summit…

Wait; it gets better. Curt points out that Barack HUSSEIN Obama did not bow to British Queen Elizabeth II, much less from the waist, choosing instead to shake her hand. Clarice further points out that Miss Manners frowns upon Americans bowing to any foreign royalty because that act recognizes that monarch’s power over his or her subjects.

Meanwhile, Jim Hoft found video of Barack HUSSEIN Obama displaying fealty to the Custodian of the Two “Holy” Mosques in British Satellite News’ coverage of the G-20 Summit (fast-forward to the 1:37 mark).


In case you missed the effect of that, Michelle Malkin dug up the full bow courtesy Canal 24h (at the 0:54 mark)…


I believe Michelle said it best: “I will not submit!”

Revisions/extensions (12:23 pm 4/3/2009) – Just in case you missed the import of the last video, Ed Morrissey highlights it for you, and explodes the liberal meme that Obama was just picking something up off the floor. Unless he was using The Force, there’s no way he did that. Bonus item – it didn’t buy him any love from the House of Saud’s English-language mouthpiece.

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